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Nine leading civil rights groups urge Supreme Court to reform how compensation is awarded for victims of prison abuse
Prison staff have held prisoners down in boiling water until their skin peeled off, shocked prisoners with cattle prods, and kneed pregnant female prisoners in the stomach. Today nine leading civil…
Community activists demand to be part of the Chicago police reform effort
Relatives of those killed in police shootings as well as community activists called on both Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Thursday to include them in Chicago…
MacArthur Justice Center Urges Court to Uphold Arpaio's Conviction
Amicus brief filed with the US District Court of Arizona argues that Trump’s pardon is both invalid and unconstitutional because it eviscerates judicial power to enforce constitutional rights
Years After Michael Brown’s Killing, The Legal Struggle To Affirm Citizens’ Rights Remains
MacArthur Justice Center St. Louis Director Mae Quinn contributed an op-ed as part of Huffington Post's Listen To America series.
MacArthur Justice Center Takes Missouri Prison and Parole System to Task Again – Sues Over State’s Failure to Provide Process or Lawyers before Revoking Parole
The MacArthur Justice Center at St. Louis (MJC-STL) filed a federal class action lawsuit yesterday in the Western District of Missouri, alleging the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) and its…
MacArthur Justice Center Sues Private Prison for Withholding Information
Allen Correctional Center ignores repeated inquiries into inmates held in segregation
LAURA WASHINGTON: FBI report raises specter of false confessions
MacArthur Justice Center's client Terrill Swift, one of the wrongfully convicted Englewood Four, sat down with Chicago Sun-Times’ Laura Washington to discuss the importance of the recently…
Know Your Rights If You Get Arrested
David M. Shapiro is featured as one of the legal experts offering guidance on what to do if arrested.
Parole anything but certain for juvenile lifers a year after Missouri changed law
St. Louis Public Radio coverage of the Missouri parole system's disregard of offenders who were sentenced as juveniles and are now entitled to a meaningful opportunity for release under recent…
Lawsuit: 2 Held More Than 5 Months Past Release Dates
Associated Press coverage of the lawsuit filed on behalf of two individuals, Jessie Crittindon and Leon Burse, who were held in custody for five months after their release dates.

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